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There is one word that I feel so deeply as Bluewater Babes enters its twelfth year: GRATEFUL!

GRATEFUL to all of you in this unbelievably giving community who have supported Bluewater Babes Fish for a Cure since our founding in 2009.

GRATEFUL to be a beacon of light for local women suffering from breast or ovarian cancer who are in financial need.  And so very grateful that through your generosity, we have flourished into a well-recognized and established nonprofit, Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust.

Since 2009, you have enabled us to donate $750,000 to local charities who were our channels for reaching women in need.  As we have grown, awareness of Bluewater Babes has skyrocketed, leading women to call us directly.  Hearing those voices of desperation on the other end of the phone and knowing that we had the power to help them right then, right there is why we now provide financial assistance directly through our own charity, Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust, and our Out of the Blue Fund, while continuing to support H.O.W. - Hearing the Ovarianc Cancer Whisper

Since 2015, the Out of the Blue Fund has provided $100,000 in aid directly to 70 local women. “Out of the blue” is how so many women feel about their cancer diagnoses when they strike.  It often comes without warning.  No one is ever prepared.  And the expenses for medical care are largely unexpected.  That was never truer than for one of our recent beneficiaries, MaryJo, who learned she had ovarian cancer at the age of twenty.  Her mother wrote to us to share her deep gratitude:

When MaryJo does not have to worry about the financial burden of her medical treatment, it takes a load off her shoulders and lets her focus on healing.  We are so grateful and humbled by your organization reaching out to our family in the middle of this battle, and we just want to say thank you, and may God bless your group in all they do for the hurting in our area!”

There are so many women that need our help.  We receive at least two to three applications a month for assistance.  But thanks to you and our truly powerful philanthropic community, we will always be the voice on the end of the phone that relieves their financial burdens and lets them focus on their healing.  

I invite you to join us, whether by fishing or joining in the fun and festivities of the tournament, or simply donating to help more fighters like MaryJo.  Together, we are true champions of hope for local breast and ovarian cancer patients in financial need!  

With deepest gratitude,

Jennifer McGrath, Director



Our Mission:

Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust is a 501(c)3 public charity committed to helping local women suffering from breast or ovarian cancer who are in financial need..

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